Deskbar-wordreference is a plugin for the GNOME deskbar applet.
It allow translation of a word or a phrase using the website.

deskbar-wordreference v0.1 screenshot

How to use it

The word you want to translate must be precede by a keyword indicating the translation you want (don't forget the ":" between the two).
Valid keywords are:

  • deen, for an german to english translation,
  • ende, english to german,
  • enes, english to spanish,
  • enfr, english to french,
  • enit, english to italian,
  • enru, english to russian,
  • esfr, spanish to french,
  • esen, spanish to english,
  • espt, spanish to portugese,
  • fren, french to english,
  • fres, french to spanish,
  • iten, italian to english,
  • ptes, portugese to spanish,
  • ruen, russian to english,

2 special keywords en and es does not translate, but show the word definition, respectively in english and spanish.


  1. enfr:geek translate the geek word in french

Get it

Then untar, execute the makefile, and select the module from deskbar-applet preference window.