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Guillaume Bour :: mediarchiver



What is médiArchiver ?

As you have maybe guessed it, médiArchiver is a média archiver :).
You can use it to catalog you stacks of Audio CDs, MP3^M^M^MOggs, CDRoms, DVDs, and also your USB key, PDA, hard-drive directories, ...

Why another one ?

Yes, there is a lot of cataloguers: gtktalog, fas, discDB, aarchives, ...
Until now, I used Gtktalog, but it's really too slow with large databases (note that I have an old PII 233, maybe this explain that). So I wrote mine.

But what are the advantages of using médiArchiver ?

How does it work ?

médiArchiver is entirely written in Perl (what a tremendous language :), but make (temporary) use of external programs.
Note that collected datas are stored in a MySQL Database.

The screenshots, where are the screenshots ? I want screenshots !

Ok, ok,. here are they! (click on pictures to see it in fullscreen)

Icons are from:

Web design is inspired from the nasgaia distribution website.

What is required to make it work ?

Firstly, you need Perl. Mine is 5.8.2 version (but it maybe works with lower versions).
Some extra perl librairies are also required, as HTML::Mason.

You also need extra programs if you wan't to retrieve meta-datas from files (such as Id3tags for mp3s): mp3info, ogginfo, pdfinfo, unzip, ... But only two are strictly required: which and file.
Then finally you must have mysql or sqlite to store datas.

Where could I download it ?

Here is the list of all the releases:

Send me an e-mail if you have any problem!

What for the future ?

Well, well, well.
The first goal is to have a functional version with:

And then ?

Do you intend to make a usual GUI ?
   No, I don't intend to. But maybe a plugin for Gtktalog (or other GUIs) would be possible!