iAddressBook logo PHP iAddressBook is an addressbook written in php by Clemens Wacha. It has a nice macos-like interface and neat, modular code.
Asterisk is a free software IPBX.
Both are good pieces of freesoftware.

The patch I wrote allow users to originate calls from an iAddressBook either by clicking on contacts phone numbers, or by using the quickcall inputfield.


For using iAddressBook with this patch, you will need the following:

  • a working asterisk setup (on the same or on a remote machine), having manager enabled with a valid username/password
  • at least a soft or hardphone associated with an extension number on your asterisk server
  • iAddressBook version 1.0
  • a javascript-enabled browser (see the compatibility list below)


  1. download the following files (see links at the end):
    • the patchset
    • the binary (images) files
    • eventually, the README file
  2. patch your iAddressBook installation, as following:
    $> cd my/iaddressbook/folder
    $> patch -p1 xxx.patch
    $> tar zxvf $$.tar.bz2
  3. configure iAddressbook asterisk part (configuration keys can be found in conf/defaults.php, but it is recommanded to write your local configuration in conf/config.php)

    You can define following settings:

    • asterisk_server: ip address/dns or your asterisk server
    • asterisk_port: port of the asterisk manager
    • asterisk_username: asterisk manager username
    • asterisk_password: password associated with
    • asterisk_protocol: protocol used by you extension (SIP or IAX)
    • asterisk_context: context to originate calls with (leave empty to use asterisk default context)
    • asterisk_prefix: number to prepend to recipient numbers when calling

    NOTE: with a new iAddressBook installation, these parameters can be defined during the install process.

  4. verify manager is enabled in your asterisk configuration

    NOTE: in asterisk v1.6, the manager user must have the originate right (read/write)


iAddressBook can work in 2 modes: (a) with authentification, or (b) without.

  • In the first mode, you must set the new acl right asterisk_docall to the groups (is set by default to @admin and @editor groups) and extension number as user value (see fred sample) (in the file conf/auth.php).
  • In the second mode (no authentification), each user must set his extension number (in the right-top screen of iAddressBook) (the value is stored in a cookie).

no extension set extension edit mode

iAddressBook asterisk patch :: quickcall Once the user is associated with an extension number, you can see a «quickcall» field on top-right. type the target number and press Enter to call.

iAddressBook asterisk patch :: contact call Or click on contact phone number.